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YanCheng Marriott Hotel

Yancheng, China

Interior designof the new YanCheng Marriott Hotel, a 320 key Hotel and Conference Center in Yancheng, the Largest City of the Jiangsu Province that borders the Yellow Sea. YanCheng is a city of over 7 million residents. It has historically been known for its salt marshes but now is a foreign trade zone with a diversified industrial base and economy.  The hotel located in the Central Business District includes a conference center, a three meal and Chinese restaurant, business center, spa and fitness and executive suites. The design scheme reflects the crystalline nature of salt to connect to the historical traditions and nature of YanCheng.

Client: Yancheng State Investment Group

Design Principal: Nan Zhou, Serena Yu Wen

Situation: Open

HCD international LLC - Hospitality


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