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Chengdu Dayi Choice Hotel

Chengdu, China

The Chengdu Dayi Choice Hotel is masterplan surrounding an existing Daoist Temple complex. It is a boutique resort hotel of 110 Key with support dining, spa and recreational facilities as well as a mixed- use hotel and commercial street directly across the River Tuo. The Boutique Hotel rooms are a series of connected villas that are part of a small lake. The site is located on the River Tuo adjacent to a Daoist Temple complex which has support retail and commercial facilities directly across the River Tuo and connected by a bridge. The concept was to refer to the symbolism and meaning of the traditional architecture but to bring it into a level that could better express the principles of Daoist religion and thought in the expression of the ephemeral and inseparable nature of architecture landscape and space. The complex supports the activities of the Daoist Temple complex and becomes a place for both supplicants and tourists for peaceful repose and meditation.


This becomes a sacred place in Chengdu, Capital of Southwestern Sichuan of over 14 million people a growing economic metropolis surrounded on of the most environmentally beautiful and ecologically sensitive areas in China.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Nan Zhou, Serena Yu Wen

Situation: Chengdu, China

HCD international LLC - Hospitality


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