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Shenzhen Children's hospital Research & Academic Building Design Competition

2nd place

The comprehensive building of Shenzhen Children's Hospital has a total floor area of 111,680 square meters, featuring the following main functions: specialized pediatric outpatient clinics (including healthcare, rehabilitation, and related medical technologies), an international medical center (with outpatient and inpatient services), inpatient wards (including rehabilitation, neonatal care, psychological services, and traditional Chinese medicine), an education center, a research and experimental center, dormitories, and administrative offices.


While ensuring hospital hygiene and safety, we have designed a joyful playground for "Happy Explorers," "Brave Adventures," and "Courageous Voyagers."


The design concept draws inspiration from valleys and integrates ideas from forests to create a vibrant and colorful world for children.

The spatial design aims to provide a healthy medical environment that caters to children's psychology: nurturing their curiosity and concealing the medical process within a friendly atmosphere. The areas dedicated to children's fitness and rehabilitation are not only child-friendly in design but also turn rehabilitation activities into games. By combining rehabilitation spaces with play areas, we aim to reduce children's resistance and enhance their joy, ultimately improving the healing process.

Client: Shenzhen children's hospital

Principal in Charge: Nan Zhou, Yan Gao

Location: Shenzhen, China

Year: 2021

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