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ChongQing Union Hospital 

The project is designed as the first-phase project of 1,500 beds hospital for ChongQing Union Hospital, with an project site of ​​13.99 hectares. The above-ground construction area is about 210,400 square meters, the underground construction area is about 145,800 square meters, and the total construction area is about 356,200 square meters (finally planned with Departmental administrative approval shall prevail). It includes medical functions such as emergency department, outpatient department, medical technology department, inpatient department, and infectious disease department, as well as non-medical functions such as scientific research, teaching, administration, and logistics.

Teaming with CSCEC, this design won the 1st place in an open international design competition.

Client: Chongqing Liangjiang Group

Principal in Charge: Nan Zhou, Yan Gao

Situation: Chongqing, China

Year: 2022

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