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The Vanuatu Resort and Casino, Port Vila

Shefu Province, Vanuatu Archipelago

The Vanuatu Resort and Casino is located Port Vila on the island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean East of North Australia and West of the Fiji Islands. This island is a major vacation destination for Tourists from Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Europe and  Asia for its natural beauty, pristine beaches and water- based activities such as fishing diving and snorkeling given its highly diverse aquatic culture and its Coral Reefs. Like Hawaii, Vanuatu was formed by volcanic activity and is now a series of mountains covered with rainforests. There is a need for more hospitality venues in Vanuatu. This positions this 1,000 Key – 80,000 SM (872,000 SF) waterfront development in Vila bay as critical infrastructure for the growing tourist economy of this Island. The planning and design maximize views of the water and is focused on the open space of the waterfront and the surrounding rainforest.  The massing for this large resort balances building height with a minimal footprint to blend into this context of rainforests waterfront beach areas and the beautiful pattern of islands and lagoons that characterize this place. The original hotel, now a Holiday Inn is renovated and connected to the new expansion which bridges over the water to connect to an island, further engaging the guests with the stunning environment. The amenities of spa, restaurants focus on local produce and organic cooking, cafes and bars as well as a casino all support the environmental initiatives and experience of this resort.






Client: Private

Design Principal: Nan Zhou & Shuang Wu

Services: Planning, Architecture and Interiors

Status: Construction to begin Spring 2021

Situation: Shefu Province, Vanuatu Archipelago


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