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HCD international LLC - Planning

Bing Hai New District Xing Wan Biomedical District Research and Development Campus

The Bing Hai New District Xin Wan Biomedical District Research and Development Campus is a 2,200,000 SF (200,000 SM) development that is both an incubator in supporting start -up companies in Biomedical research and an accelerator, investing into the growth of successful start- ups that are making advances in research with direct outcomes for the Chinese economy.

The “Campus” is connected by a series of spaces that are connected throughout the campus such as “Gateway Plaza” the main entrance into the campus formed by the buildings on the South, a central yard and court, “the Core” that provides the users of the campus dining, meeting and social spaces and the “Landmark”, the Administration and Research Tower with the District Conference Center that identifies the complex in this district. The campus is currently under construction and will be complete in Fall of 2021

Client: Private

Design Principal: Christopher Groesbeck, Nan Zhou, Lukas Jiao

Situation: Zhejiang Province, China

Status: Under Construction, Fall 2021 Completion


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