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Six Senses Spa and Resort, Ihabela, Sao Sebastio Island, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Six Senses Spa and Resort is a masterplan for 200 villas and resort amenities on a 10, 0000,000 SM

Site in Ilhabela, Portuguese for “Beautiful Place”  on the Island of Sao Sebastiano in Brazil, the largest island of an archipelago of islands that are part of Ilhabela The concept was to create a low carbon approach that would create minimal disturbance to this virgin Atlantic Forest hillside site facing the Atlantic Ocean. The design focuses on creating a villa typologies that is based in modules that can be connected between and around the existing trees that can be prefabricated off site with sustainable and renewable materials which can be constructed without the need for roadways and cranes with the exception of minimal access paths to allow for passenger, service and emergency vehicles to navigate the site. The villas recall the architecture and spatial layouts of the original native population, the Tupinambas who named this island “Ciribar” meaning “Tranquil Place.” Natural infrastructure for sewage, water collection and distribution, Renewable energy and waste disposal will be used to create an eco- resort that will be a model of development. The site is connected to two beaches and also will have a marina to engage in water related recreational activities.

HCD international LLC - Planning

Client: Private

Design Principal: Christopher Groesbeck, Nan Zhou

Managing Principal Team Lead: Marcos Leite Bastos

Situation: Sao Sebastio Island, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Status: work in progress


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