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Binhai Port Industrial Park Planned

City Master Plan

The program brief was to design a city of up to 200,000 and establish a new port For the Binhai Industrial Park on the Yellow sea adjacent and connected to the original mouth of the Ancient Yellow River. We are creating a city that support the business of the port, a tourist Resort destination focused on the history and future of the fishing industry, a Natural preserve habitat that also allow multiple recreational opportunities and a new community with all the elements of commercial, institutional and cultural that support communities now and in the future..

 The existing site of 20 Square Kilometers represents the history of civilization, of Cities born of trade and agriculture along the Rivers most notably the Ancient Yellow River where land was formed and emerged from the receding of the waters of evolution. Land and rivers fed into the larger bodies of water and oceans. The site and mouth of the River represent the connection to the larger region and world. 

 Our concept approach was to create two centers that would merge like two drops of water, one for the new Port and the other for the new Central Business District that would be connected to future highspeed rail. Residential and institutions would then connect the two centers and frame the historic open space of the Ancient Yellow River, Gingko Island and the wetland preserve and Yellow Sea beyond.

The planning emphasizes on public space that would create hybrid neighborhoods that could be both repeatable and phased over time.  Each neighborhood would have schools, commercial and civic space withing 5 minutes walking distance from the residential areas. This development supports the larger development zone of over 650 square kilometers of waterfront property. The first phase of construction will begin in Spring of 2021.

HCD international LLC - Planning

Client: Planning Bureau - Yancheng Prefecture Government

Design Principal: Christopher Groesbeck, Martin Felsen, Nan Zhou, Lukas Jiao

Status: Master Plan Completed December 2019

            Construction of Infrastructure Spring 2021

Services: Programming, Master Planning, Architecture    

Situation: Zhejiang Province, China


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