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Changzhi Hi-Tech District Data Lake

Culture Office Park

The Changzhi Data Business Park will be the initial development in the new Changzhi Airport Hi-Tech District. This development is an ambitious program of 510,000 SM including parking on an approximately 20 Hectare site located two kilometers south of Changzhi Airport.


Our approach is to create a neighborhood with a strong identity both from the street and more importantly the interior of this campus defined by its connection of open spaces and landscape to promote a sustainable community that is both functionally superb and socially active to attract the future enterprises essential for the economic growth of the Shanxi Province. Given the restrictions of height the complex focuses on the images of the public spaces versus the image of the individual buildings focusing on the experience of the collective.

The Program of Hotel, Convention/Conference and Data Center with Support Retail and Residential has been organized in four interconnected zones, Gateway, Central Research Park, Data Bank, and Residential Village. The complex will start construction in Summer of 2021.

HCD international LLC - Planning

Client: Private

Design Principal: Christopher Groesbeck, Martin Felsen, Nan Zhou, Lukas Jiao

Situation: Changzhi, Shanxi Province, China


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