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Qichun Industry Center

Qichun, Hebei Province, China

This 15,000 SM development is in response for a national mandate and policy to address the alleviation the poverty and promote human development and health in Qichun, Hebei Province, the hometown of Li Shi Zhen, the most famous ancient master in Chinese medicine. The development is the inaugural project in the newly developed National Health Industry Zone. It provides working space for the client, China Merchant Group, the local government operational team, co-working space for new companies that plan permanent projects in this zone. In addition, the facility provides an exhibition and showroom facility to market new companies related to the healthcare industry to invest in this zone. The design concept is to create a landscaped courtyard to articulate and define the different programs and enhance and promote strategies of how business and related activities could efficiently develop, serving multiple users groups including the community who can enjoy the public space on both the ground and the roof top. The design showcases the commitment of the creative and innovative health care related companies of the future.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Gao Yan 

Situation: Shenzhen, China

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