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Helsinki Public Library Competition

Helsinki, Finland

This new central library will of 16,500 SM be a new symbol in the centre of Helsinki and a pride for Finnish people. It is a library for the future and one that speaks to the role of nature as both a metaphor of knowledge as well as social wellbeing and the path to sustainable Urbanism

The organization that must be vertical given the density required for this site Is based on the Idea of the mountain where one ascends level by level gaining with each level attaining a greater clarity of vision, knowledge and revelation. The path Is the experience. The ground floors are open to the urban context, highly active and Interactive. As one ascends the "mountain" the spaces become more contemplative and focused.  At the roof level a great terrace connects the visitor back to the urban context signifying the role of the library for the health of the city. This proposal reasserts the Importance of the Institution In strengthening both ourselves and our communities through expressing our common Interests for generations to come.

Client: Public

Design Principal: Gao Yan 

Situation: Helsinki, Findland

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