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HCD international LLC - cultural and institutional-mixed use

Suncheon City Arts Center

Suncheon City, South Korea

The primary objectives of this 6,000 SM museum and exhibition development are to integrate and practice art as the medium to activate and promote the Old Quarter of Suncheon City, Korea, to a global presence of art and culture and a platform for various city activities beneficial for both citizens and the tourists. The proposal creates a series of platforms to form a wide range of possible venues for the Suncheon’s city events in humanity, economy and tourism.  A media wall serves as the project gateway facing this riverside location with endless possibilities to convey both the messages and art installations. The Temporary Exhibit Hall and Cafe are suspended over the site to create an open space park to encourage communal activities, and events. These spaces become the city’s “Living Room” where flexible urban activities with a grand staircase in-between for interacting between the artistic stage and the urban audience.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Gao Yan 

Situation: Suncheon City, South Korea

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