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HCD international LLC - cultural and institutional-mixed use

Shenzhen NGO Center

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

This project, a 36,500 SM mixed use Institutional project is the first collective venue for NGO's, non-profit organizations that operate Independently of the government in Shenzhen. The design proposal creates a civic space surrounded at the ground level that connects to theatres, an auditorium and exhibition space. The office space on the upper levels are designed to encourage interaction amongst different hundreds of NGOs and be accessible for visitors to tour around them. Three journeys are sequentially created; one for the local workers, one for the tourists, and one for the residents who can walk up to the rooftop garden without entering the building. A small hostel is also located at the top for the convenience of business visitors.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Gao Yan 

Situation: Shenzhen, China

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