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Car Themed mall

Hangzhou, China

As one of the three themed buildings of the Canal Vanke Center, Automobile-Internet Technology Demonstration Park of Hangzhou, this automobile pavilion located in the corner plaza at the main crossroads of the site entry is the visual representation of the narrative of this development. The design concept, “Ultimate Show creates a figure eight ramp form for the display of cars as culture.

This pavilion intertwines the paradoxical relationship between automobile and pedestrian circulation creating a place for social activity of this community and presenting a provocative dialogue between the “machine” and “human”. The figure eight both is pragmatic in its accommodation of vehicle access and movement as well as symbolic in Chinese culture representing good fortune in all aspects of life. The design evokes the image of expo pavilion of world fairs where the architectural language symbolized the content within. The pavilion activates the complex with both its program and open space design.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Lu Yong, Shanghai Office

Situation: Hangzhou, China

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