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Hampton University

Proton Therapy Center

The Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute (HUPTI) represents the largest proton therapy center in the US and is designed to treat approximately 2,000 patients per year. The facility houses five treatment rooms – four gantries and one fixed beam room – with the latest options for patient positioning and nozzle technologies. Massive equipment is often housed in a cavernous setting, commonly located below ground with little daylight.

HUPTI is the first proton center designed on grade keeping patients on one level. Placing treatment level on grade, VOA designed the patient waiting areas with a large central glass atrium and glass windows which provide abundant natural daylight penetrating the space providing a patient-friendly environment. In addition, the Owner achieved a $3 million savings by eliminating deep foundation and excavation costs.

Site constraints challenged installation and rigging into the building. A temporary road was constructed to bring the equipment to the rigging position for equipment installation. 

HUPTI’s architecture is designed in keeping with the University vocabulary reflective of the deep history representative of Hampton University.

Client: Private

Principal in Charge: John Jessen

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: Hampton, Virginia

Year: September 2009

particle therapy

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