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HCD international LLC - particle therapy

Proton Centro de Terapia

São Paulo, Brazil

The Sao Paulo Proton Center will be located on the campus of the University of Sao Paulo and is expected to be the first Particle Therapy Center in South America. This facility of 20,000 SM respects and embraces the campus open space system with a garden entry that extends the space of the waiting and admission areas.


The design negotiates the steeply sloping site with a three-level facility. The main treatment area is arranged at the ground floor entry; the middle level of the complex. The upper level, which is set back to allow the lobby to be double height, contains offices and conference areas. The lower level is for parking and mechanical areas. The complex extends the adjacent park over the roof of the structure which is positioned at the highest point of the adjacent hill. The openness, the focus on daylighting and integration with the landscape brings a new approach to healthcare while representing the tradition of architecture on the Sao Paulo University campus as well as the contemporary approaches seen in Brazil today.

Client: Private

Principal in Charge: John Jessen

Project Coordinator: Marcos Leite Bastos

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: São Paulo

Year: TBD

particle therapy

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