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HCD international LLC - particle therapy

Northern Illinois Proton

Treatment + Research Center, 

Architectural design for the new, world-class Proton Therapy Treatment & Research Center at Northern Illinois University. In its commitment to support and improve medical training at Fermilab, the $160 million, state of-the-art center is part of a planned 13-acre master planned development in West Chicago. The 110,000 SF facility, to include 3 gantries, 1 fixed beam, and 1 research room was designed to an expeditious schedule. NIU chose to pursue and received a Capital Certificate of Exception instead of a Certificate of Need, requiring completion of the project within 2 years to be fully operational.

Client: Private

Principal in Charge: John Jessen

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: West Chicago, Illinois

Year: TBD

particle therapy

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