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HCD international LLC - Mixed-use

Canal Vanke Centre

Hangzhou City

Client: Vanke

Design Principal:   Lu Yong, Shanghai Office 

Situation: Gongshu District, Hangzhou City


Sited in Gongshu District of Hangzhou City, Canal Vanke Centre (CVC) consists of three plots with a total length of about 600 meters in the north-south direction, which will be developed in three phases. Its construction cycle will last for ten years. Therefore, planning a phased implementation with smooth, flexible operation and long-lasting attraction is the core of the design.


Ten (10) high-rise buildings are arranged along the east-west boundary of the site with public space penetrating through all the three plots. This continuous public space has a series pocket-shaped squares in the north, a Boulevard in the middle and a waterfront garden in the south respectively. Three theme buildings, an automobile pavilion, an automobile museum and a reception center of automobile-internet town, are arranged in the three plots respectively. As hub of the public space, these three visual identifications activate both the daily life of the square and is also used for larger public events.



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