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Tiandi Art Gallery

Chongqing, China

The Tiandi Art Gallery is the Community and Cultural Center for the Tiandi Residential Development on the South bank of the Jialing River close to the lake on the Tiandi Property. The location connects a dynamic landscape of the City of Chongqing with the main commercial street of this new neighborhood development. The goal of the project is to create a provocative dialogue between the landscape and the complex dense environment that merges both together in a place that serves the needs of the community.

The center is made up of three components; an Art Gallery, an exposition and meeting center and a Café.

The Volumes are connected by a path, an architectural promenade that connects the multiple levels with selected opening that connect the human with the landscape. It represents a modern interpretation of Chinese Gardens within an open urban environment.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Xiao Cheng

Situation: Chongqing, China

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