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HCD international LLC - Architecture

Office Park in Qianhai

Shenzhen, China

This plan is based on creating a model for a new town new companies to cooperate in developing new technologies and products. The design is based on a campus village that encourages social and public interaction to actively engage the larger community, breaking the model of the gated office park to a new and active approach to urbanism. The 9.3 Hectare (20 Acre) Site. An exhibition hall and conference center of 10,000 SM is located at the entrance to the office park multitasks as a community center as well as a collaboration hub for the companies within the park. The planning emphasizes pedestrian connections within the park that also serve as connections to adjacent parcels. Open spaces as well as water features serve to enhance collaboration and social activities that work well in the favorable climatic conditions of this region.  The architecture and planning support the hi-tech foundation of the purpose and companies within the park.

Site Area: 93,200 SM

Building Area: 72,000 SM

Plot Ratio: 0.69

Client: Private

Design Principal: Xiao Cheng

Situation: Shenzhen, China


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