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CEG Information Industry Park

Dongguan, China

Site Area: 200,800 SM

Building Area: 268,000 SM

Plot Ratio: 1.06


This project, located in the Nancheng District, Dongguan City is a series of islands between two waterways in a natural setting. The program is to create a center of innovation recalling the Chinese tradition of “scholarship in the garden” which translated to today is “research and innovation in the garden”. The plan connects a series of centers that are interconnected workspaces designed around courtyards and are connected to a winding path “spine” that connects each end of the site, focusing on a changing view of the natural environment and collaboration and development of the many intellectual perspectives within the larger community ensemble.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Xiao Cheng

Situation: Dongguan, China

HCD international LLC - architecture


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