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Shenzhen 2nd people's hospital competition


A “Healing Habitat” is envisioned for Shenzhen second people’s Hospital renovation and expansion project, fostering a holistic experience that fosters wellness for all, both physically and emotionally, via human connections, active healing, organic design, responsible systems, and urban culture.

During the master planning, we put the first-phase outpatient building and the future in-patient building, the academic building and the translational medicine building as close as possible to the perimeter of ​​the site and maximize the distance between each building.

A continuous outdoor arcade connects the existing inpatient building, the  1st phase outpatient building, and the future inpatient and academic buildings. It not only provides a direct connection between different buildings for medical stuff and patients, but also provides a Logistic links between the individual buildings provide continuous access.

the building podium layout is divided into two parts, the north and the south. The south is mainly the outpatient area, and the north side includes ED and medical D&T departments.  Both sies connected by the central circulation atrium which is open to the park.

Client: shenzhen 2nd people's hospital

Principal in Charge: Nan Zhou

Location: Shenzhen, China

Year: 2023

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