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HCD international LLC - Mixed-use

The Long Island City

Mixed-Use Development Project

The Long Island City mixed-use development project, sponsored by the New York Development Corporation is a multi-site mixed used development that will bring critical density, activity that engages the community, and economic opportunity to Long Island City in such manner that will celebrate and enhance the existing community. The project seeks to advance its goals with the following:

 • Create a thriving mixed- use development maximizing commercial office including flexible space for commercial start-ups

 • Provide affordable residential that contributes to the cities goal on fostering economically diverse neighborhoods

 • Create retail and community facility uses that respond to the needs of the community • Creates a vibrant public accessible open space on the waterfront

 • Incorporate design excellence in the planning, architecture, and community design to create a sense of place and activity to connect both to the community and to a larger vision of the future of the New York Metropolitan Area

. • An economically sustainable approach to create the opportunity for business and employment growth.

The 1.8 million square foot mixed use development includes a combination of market rate and affordable residential (33% of total) with Commercial Office, light manufacturing, incubator loft office space and a primary school. This water front site is directly across the East River from the United Nations. The program for this site and the UN are similar in reflecting the leadership and impact of the Roosevelts both Franklin and Eleanor gave to this country. In massing and form.  Both our proposal and the UN Complex are similar creating an urban dialogue formally and symbolically, a rare opportunity in Metropolitan development. Both are framing the FDR memorial, “the room” designed by Louis Kahn representing the connection between leadership and every citizen. This dialogue represents the highest aspirations of our country and the potential for all development to reflect a higher purpose improving our neighborhoods and our larger Metropolitan areas.

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Client: Private

Design Principal: Christopher Groesbeck&Nan Zhou

Situation: New York, New York



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