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HCD international LLC - Mixed-use

Lexington Park 

Chicago Illinois

Lexington Park is a mixed-use hi- rise condominium, apartment and retail development in the South look of Chicago at South Michigan Avenue, Indiana Boulevard and Cermak Road, a critical urban juncture that connects to the Green Line CTA stop transitioning the McCormick Place Regional Events Center with the historic South Michigan Boulevard community developments. The design negotiates these districts in scale and language creating a model of high-rise performing both as both high-performance building and urbanism. The program provided is 320 units of residential which are a mix of loft units on a six -story presence on South Michigan Avenue which matches the scale of this historic district and a thirty -five (35) story high rise tower with a mix of unit types with magnificent views of the neighborhood and Lake Michigan that matches the scale of the regional destination of McCormick Place. Both components are connected by a retail at the base and a significant amenity floor with outdoor and indoor community space.

Client: Private

Design Principal:   Christopher Groesbeck & Nan Zhou

Situation: Chicago, Illinois

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect



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