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Beidaihe International Yacht Club

Beidaihe, China

The Beidaihe International Yacht Club will be a unique 5-star hotel resort “Village” within the larger resort environment of the town Beidaihe, a popular destination for the regional population as well as the International tourism community. The program is centered around a resort hotel and a yacht club.

The resort hotel will contain 220 keys with restaurants, conference space, spa and fitness facilities. The guest rooms are projected out over the water and surround a central pool and conservatory that visually connects to the water beyond. The conference areas are located at the North entry to the hotel and will cater business, social, and entertainment events and will help activate the resort throughout the year. The Hotel will also feature restaurants, spa, clinic and fitness areas that will generate business beyond the seasonal speak times of the resort.

The yacht club will be at the southeast corner of the site and will be a transitional gateway from the harbor channel in the Phase II marina expansion. This club will have social spaces, meeting rooms, guest rooms, entertainment, and administrative functions on multiple levels taking advantage of unobstructed views of the sea.

The garden suites provide a special resort component that will allow visitors, especially families, to have views to the sea, access to the water through the canal system, and their own gardens. Hotel lofts provide similar amenities and create diversity for the site and will allow larger families to share separate accommodations in the same structure.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Christopher Groesbeck&Nan Zhou

Situation: Beidaihe, China

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect


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