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HCD international LLC - Hospitality

Hilton Mountain Resort and Villas

Baoting, China

The project consists of a 5-star luxury hotel on Hainan Island. VOA is responsible for the Planning, Architecture and Interior design of guestrooms, spa, restaurants, including one Chinese restaurant, and all other Hotel amenities. The hotel is designed to exceed the 5-star level to account for Hilton’s increased luxury standards. The site located on Hainan Island in its mountain region is within a larger eco-preserve of rainforest that requires the design to minimize the foot print and access to blend the complex into this existing environment which includes an iconic mountain known as the “Seven Sisters.” To accomplish both a minimized footprint and an assimilation into the rainforest the hotel is proposed as a series of tree houses that articulate the separate rooms as leaves springing from branches connected to the trunk which is the core services of the structure. Emphasis on the connection between the social functions and the waterways that inhabit the site connect this development with the natural systems both in planning and materials proposed.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Nan Zhou

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: Baoting, China


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