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Anji JinJiang Castle Themed Hotel

Anji, Hebei Province, China

Planning, Architecture and Interior design for the Anji JinJiang Castle Themed Hotel, a 45,000 SM, 350 Key hotel that is the centerpiece in a larger themed destination park that is anchored with the “Hello Kitty” Brand. The hotel includes three restaurants, conference facilities and spa and Fitness as well as play facilities specifically focused on Families and Children. In addition to this a new waterpark will be added to this complex to supplement and enhance the family focused amenities that is the mission of this development.  The design is themed as a castle that like seeks a sense of fantasy within this landscape that is also part of the guest experience.

This area is surrounded by hills of bamboo forests which are world renown for their variety and species.






Client: Private

Design Principal: Nan Zhou & Serena Yu Wen

Situation: Anji, Hebei Province, China


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