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HCD international LLC - Planning

Shuguang Plot in Shahe Shenzhen of GCIIG

Shenzhen, China

Tan Zhe Si Town in the Mentougou District of Beijing, China is a unique site of remarkable beauty. Located in the Mentougou Valley surrounded by panoramic views of distant mountains in shades of blues with numerous ancient trees ranging from 500 to 1000 years old; ancient drainage canals; a well preserved gateway from the Ming dynasty; a 1400 year old Buddhist temple (Tanzhesi) patronized by emperors of 3 dynasties (The Ming Yuan and Ching Dynasty). There is also an organic network of historic Buddhist path that traverse across the mountains to other temples and distant villages.

The project is to create a high-end sustainable resort destination that also respects the history and the natural environment of the place. Program consists of a town center located in a valley of Mentougou District, Beijing, and 11 mountain villages covering a total development area of 480 hectares for a population of 40,000. Other programs that is part of the development are secondary town centers; civic and cultural institutions, mixed-use commercial residential development, residential neighborhoods as well as recreational and other service amenities.

The concept for the master plan takes on the metaphor of a necklace. A pair of ancient canals and the rediscovered Buddhist path were revitalized to create a continuous loop around the site - linking historical elements along its way. Parallel the path of the canals are new roadway developments that becomes the main circulation spine connecting various neighborhoods through the town center and terminating towards the Tanzhesi Temple.

The more naturalistic Buddhist path begins at the Tanzhesi temple into the wilderness of the mountains on the north and reconnects itself back to circulation system to the east. At the confluence of these canals is a large water retention pond that becomes a landscaped feature for the main town center.

Toward the northern end of the water feature is the main government center. Having the mountains as its backdrop and water element in the foreground is considered auspicious and good Feng Shui in the traditional Chinese culture.






Client: Private

Design Principal: Cheng Xiao

Situation: Shenzhen, China


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