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Shuguang Plot in Shahe Shenzhen of GCIIG

Shenzhen, China

This project located in the Shuguang area of the Nan Shan District in the City of Shenzhen, China. It connects the Gao Xin, Liu Xian Dong and the Xi Li Central Districts and bridges over the Ping Nan Railway that subdivides the site. It is a critical component of the “Dasha River Corridor” and serves as a landmark of an Urbanism that connects program, site, landscape and purpose. The approach takes full advantage of the natural environment through the creation of a two layered park system to negotiate the difference of levels between the North and south edges of the site. This allows the connecting park over the railway line to flow naturally into the complex. The project will include office, commercial retail, residential, hotel, public services and cultural venues. The base and podium will also provide office space for small to mid-size innovation companies.







Site Area: 83,000 SM

Building Area: 602,000 SM

Plot Ratio: 6.0

Client: Private

Design Principal: Cheng Xiao

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: Su Qian, China

HCD international LLC - Planning


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