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HCD international LLC - Planning

Shenzhen Bay Megacity

Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen Bay Megacity is planned to be a world class destination business city center that will host a community of international companies focused on innovations in technology, manufacturing, design, the arts, fashion and culture.  It will host international conferences, exhibitions, business, festival and civic events that speak to the DNA of Shenzhen. The site located on a peninsula will be bisected by a landscaped park that will connect to courtyards perpendicular to the park that feed into this new Megacity integrating the idea and reality of Nature with the programmatic components seamlessly. The architecture creates a dialogue with three ultra hi rise multilayered buildings and the podium horizontally layered podium program, “Forrest and Valley” representing physically and symbolically the character and culture of this great and growing metropolis.

Site Area: 352,000 SM

Building area: 1,500,000 SM

Plot Ratio: 4.26

Client: Private

Design Principal: Xiao Cheng

Situation: Shenzhen, China


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