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Kiris Sakor Master Plan 


Cambodia, a country that has experienced a turbulent history in the 20th century, is now opening up to the global economy and leveraging its waterfront to encourage tourism as being a primary point of their future economy.

To achieve this goal, Stantec was commissioned to work with the Union Group, one of the largest development companies in Northern China, to develop the Kiris Sakor Masterplan located on the western coast of Cambodia. 

The overall Kiris Sakor Masterplan is a twenty- five (25) year phased masterplan of a 360 square kilometer site located on the central coast of Cambodia. The first phase of the project (34 square kilometer / 8400 acres) will consist of 10,000 hotel units distributed among five hotels, two five (5) star hotels with casinos and a conference center. Entertainment and cultural venues and retail town centers will be developed with recreational facilities that will include 10 world class golf courses, parks, and waterfront attractions. Residential development includes 10,000 units of townhouses, beach and golf villas.

To service the project, facilities for health care, public safety and infrastructure (roadways, water supply, sanitary and port facilities) will be incorporated into the masterplan along with 35,000 employee apartment units. The masterplan will recognize the practical economics of the development including infrastructure while existing in harmony with the natural environment.

The design focused on preserving the natural topography, creating more waterfront areas in the form of manmade islands and highlighting the natural beauty of the hills, rock formations, and the second largest mangrove forest in the world.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Nan Zhou&Christopher Groesbeck

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: Cambodia

HCD international LLC - Planning


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