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HCD international LLC - Planning

Buffalo Outer Harbor

Buffalo, New York

The Buffalo Lakefront Development Team’s approach is to envision the Buffalo Lakefront Development as a large waterfront park, which serves as the natural extension of the Central Business District.

The natural characteristics of the site have influenced the placement of program elements. The existing Seaway Pier at the north will be developed as a Marina; the area between the Marina and Bell Slip will be the site of the Lakefront Park Residences; the mixed-use commercial Town Center, featuring a grocer, retail shops, town plaza and residential mix will be at the south end, adjacent to the Bell Slip. The Town Center will feature retail complimenting the housing and will create a gathering place for the community.

The Southern half of the site will be a regional civic, sports and entertainment destination including the Buffalo Lakefront Convention Center, the Festival Sports Center, Festival Park, Festival Park Theater, the Convention Center Hotel & Winter Garden, the Festival Hotel & Water Park, and Festival Pavilion.

The $750,000,000 project will ultimately provide: 380 Marina slips; Lakefront Park Residences including 143 townhouses, 580 condominiums and 236 canal slips; a 30,000 square foot town center with 300 apartment units and 53,000 square feet of commercial office and retail space. Additionally, there will be a state-of-the-art Convention Center with 300,000 square feet of exhibition space; a 215,000 a square foot Sports Center; a 300-500 room Convention Center Hotel and Winter Garden with 200,000 square feet of commercial Class A Office Space; a 4,500 seat Festival Park Theater; a 500,000 square foot Festival Pavilion (formerly Terminal A); an 150-suite hotel and an 80,000 square foot indoor water park and aquarium.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Christopher Groesbeck&Nan Zhou

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: Buffalo, New York


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