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Deublin Germany

Mainz Germany

The Deublin GmbH European Headquarters in Mainz, Germany, new 120,000 SF (11,500 SM) research, office and manufacturing facility located in Mainz, Germany, a city of historical distinction dating back to the back to pre-Roman epoch. The approach to the design was to create a new typology where all components of the building structure “multi-task” to both reduce material to a minimum while enhancing building performance. The simplicity and rigor of this approach also focuses on the quality of the spatial design and connectivity, to insure all who are part of this organization have equal access to natural light and view.

The planning and siting of the building creates an elegant dialogue with both the planned open space surrounding this structure as well as the context which is surrounded by open fields and mountains. The interior structure is of wood to create a studio environment to enhance the studio quality of the workspace insuring that the facility dignifies the efforts of all who are part of it. The integrated design of structure mechanical and enclosure together work toward the ecological initiatives of the company as environmentally sound and as a flexible facility representing the ethics and principles of this global company.

Client: Private

Design Principal:   Christopher Groesbeck 

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: Mainz, Germany

HCD international LLC - architecture


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