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Deublin Precision Rotating

Union Company Asia

The Deublin Precision Rotating Union Company is an engineering company of research, manufacturing office and conference facility focused on the infrastructure of components for wind turbines and other engineering applications related to energy and performance efficiency.  The 150,000 SF (14,500 SM) facility inverses the typical relationship of this typology to celebrate and express each of the components equally to speak to the balance between all the operations necessary and to create inspiring and thoughtful connected spaces to celebrate those who make and produce these products, The planning is sited to take advantage of the views of an adjacent public park and surrounding mountains and connects these views with gardens surrounding the facility. The manufacturing hall is designed to create clear space for flexibility for robotic machinery used for the making of parts for the rotating unions with a integration of structure and mechanical for efficiency and flexibility. This facility has a two- story office and conference facility which will be used for all of their Asian and pacific operations. The architecture expresses a floating roof that expresses the diverse function with a base that opens at the front to integrate the gardens as integral to the facility.

Client: Deublin Company

Design Principal:   Christopher Groesbeck & Nan Zhou

Work prior with VOA Associates Inc Executive Architect

Situation: Dalian, China

HCD international LLC - architecture


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