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Confidential Research, Development and Technology Exhibit Center

This development located in Chicago, Illinois is a 500,000 SF Center that focuses on the research, development and exhibit and roll out for the changing technological landscape for products that are used every day to new products and systems that are changing our economic, social and cultural environment.

The project approach is to develop a new Technology Centric approach that displays and markets technology not only in the products and tenants that will occupy this development but in the building itself. The technologies aim is to show supremely elegant and engineered solutions that maximize efficiency in materials, components and energy while creating a robust infrastructure that will be adaptable to the changing requirements of technology over time. This new typology is meant to be repeatable and employed in different locations in the United states and throughout the world.

Client: Private

Design Principal: Christopher Groesbeck&Nan Zhou

Situation: Chicago, Illinois

HCD international LLC - architecture


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